Keeping up With Karime

I have been fortunate enough to have my life cross over with the Fabulous Karime. Originally from Mexico, she has been living in Amsterdam in the last seven years and has recently taken up running half marathons, so it is literally difficult keeping up with her. What I love about Karime is her fabulous style; the way she always looks so put together with basics that are teamed with colourful pieces and prints hinting at her Mexican heritage. Her nails are always perfectly painted and the colours always offer a punch of fun to her looks even in dark, Dutch winter. Of course, her wardrobe also reflects her travels and she tries to travel light so her wardrobe consists of separates she can mix and match as well as having her running wardrobe for practice.

Hailing from Chihuahua in Mexico which is close to the border with Texas she says while she was growing up that her mind was already wondering to distant places from a young age so it was inevitable that she would end up abroad eventually. However, what she loves about her hometown is that it is a small city but with wonderful scenery of mountains and desert which are home to the Copper Canyon that is larger than the Grand Canyon.

The first place she went after leaving Mexico was to the US. Living in San Diego where she was studying because apparently this is a good place to study as there aren’t many distractions! Her tips for things to do in San Diego are to head to the beach for a walk and relax and then dig into a Burger at Rocky’s at Pacific Beach. If its shopping time then heading to one of the Malls is the best option. San Diego being so close to the border with Mexico also means it has excellent Mexican food, a must try is the fish Tacos.

To continue her studies she decided for her masters to end up in Amsterdam. The freedom that an individual can enjoy in Amsterdam is so different to Karime’s home country that it is one of her favourite things about living in Amsterdam. Her guide to visitors coming to her adopted hometown is to visit the Van Gogh Museum, taking a walk along the beautiful canals and eating real Mexican food at Los Pilones and to enjoy steaks at Castells.

A essential part of travel for the Mexican is food, Karime loves good food and highly recommends Naples for the food as well as the scenery (what more could you need?). Travel in 2013 for Karime will be about trips to Rome (Food and Scenery), Stockholm (Style and Architecture) and going back to San Diego. Later in the year, sojustnice will check back in with her to find out the essentials from these places.

I wanted to share Karime’s expat life with you and hope you enjoyed reading about her story. Check out the pictures below to see Karime’s classic style with a twist.

Karime at home


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