Funky January

photoI have known January for 5 years, she hails from the Philipines but has lived in the Middle East in both Muscat and Dubai. In the time that I have had the pleasure of knowing her I have always admired her cool, laid back but hip style. When I asked January to describe her style she couldn’t use just one word and I think this is what makes her style so fab because it can be many things. Having been Cabin Crew for a number of years but based in Dubai she has had the opportunity to travel the globe. January believes that being able to see different takes on fashion, the varied fashion-du-jour from across every culture opens up your eyes to a certain style that can make you unique. She says “Seeing how much capitalism has taken the personality out of styling and has brought ‘high street’ everywhere urged me to adapt to my own interpretations and style. It made me appreciate vintage pieces even more. They have more appeal, quality and personality than all the mass produced ready-to-wear stuff”.

As a globe trotter I asked her where she thinks the best place to go shopping is and she says its New York because there is always good choice and especially if your looking for Vintage then New York has it all. If your in Asia then January recommends Bangkok, where there are so many unlabelled clothes on offer at cheap prices.

As the Philipines is an up and coming hot spot for travel in 2013 I asked January what her tips would be if your visiting her home country. She said “no time to rest, partayyy!! Nightlife in Philippines is quite rocking, there are always the clubs and if you know the right people, always loads of hole-in-wall bars, clubs and after parties. Now, when you get tired.. the beaches and mountains beckon: scuba diving, relaxing in the beach, mountain trekking, rock climbing” Philippines seems to be the destination with everything so head there soon before the masses arrive.

If your going to be in Dubai then January recommends taking some “me” time and relax in luxury which of course Dubai has in abundance. Its the city that never sleeps whether you need something to eat in the early hours, post clubbing or just always being able to find somehting to do, its all on offer in Dubai, her second home.

However, when I quizzed her what her favourite destination was we were back at the shopping Mecca of New York. Here is what she says makes New York awesome, “I am not kidding when i say that there is a vibe in that city that calls out.. wether its 3 am and its raining.. or the 3pm rush and bustle of 5th avenue. I loved being able to flit from the arts of museums to cafes, walk in parks in broadway and also eat from the gyro stands on the streets. ‘how about a quick nosh? some knish?’ I feel like its a world.. on its own. Some people i have overheard say. Why would you wanna go anywhere else, you’re in Manhattan!

January and I recently worked together to style some new Spring 2013 garments at my house. I have admired January’s photography for ages and was so exciting that she would be coming to photograph me. January’s love affair with photography began when she was 10 years old and she would notice light shining in a window in the afternoon and that just gave her a wow moment that made her want to capture it. Later on in school she choose photography as an elective because she was fascinated by the story behind a photograph whether it be a still or a painting. These days she is into portrait photography and developing in a dark room through the old skool method which means you have a print that will transcend generations.

Check out the videoof our shoot and also some photos of my favourite Jet Setter January Corteza!

moiLook out for the up-and-coming post on the shoot January and I did at my house to show some funky looks for Spring from By Malene Birger, Stradivasius and Zara.

Ciao for Now! x


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