The Jetty Lounge is my new favourite place ….. fact its Sojustnice! I love that you can just sit out on the beach and enjoy a Dubai sunset whilst being in a relaxed but stylish atmosphere. I m crazy about the sea, sand and palm trees so while the weather is still good I will be going back again and again! If your there for cocktail hour, there is plenty of choice and the Mezze is the best accompanying food for your chilled out evening. Jetty LoungeIMG_2471IMG_1900Foot firstMy favourite thing about defining my style is trying to find the fashion equilibrium between Eastern influences with Western style. My outfit for the Jetty Lounge was a local kaftan in seafoam colour mixed with denim shorts, hope you like this outfit?

Top: Souk in Dubai, Shorts: Zara, Shoes: Oasis, Nail Polish: Essie


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