Well Mondays on my blog are to be dedicated to Mondaymoaning! Yes, it’s going to be about all the things that I think are #justnotnice. Monday’s are bad so its a good excuse to get it all out at the beginning of the week.

Well, my first target is Saint Laurent. Since Hedi Slimane has become head of the Parisian house things have got more and more musical. Whilst I loved the Autumn/winter 2014 show I do not see Marilyn Manson as a style icon who should be fronting the house’s new campaign (I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this on twitter last week). I understand and love that 90’s is trending right now and I m glad one designer has got the grunge look right I just can’t get my head around the campaign. See the pictures below!marilyn-manson-600x450love_2525797aI at least can see Courtney Love in these ad’s although she has appeared on many bad dressed lists in recent years she has been getting it together.

What do you think of the ads? #Justnice or #Justnotnice

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