So I have a Rafiq, and I suggest everyone gets one! Your all wondering what I m on about but my Rafiq (friend I travel with) is my fabulous friend Flavia Forster. We made a pact a couple of years ago that we would travel together and for us that has taken us near and far. This year we came back to Dubai and thought we would go somewhere new and different and thanks to Lime and Tonic we ended up going to Al Maha Desert Resort. As you can see from the pictures this is just a spectacular place and is so relaxing and awe inspiring. One of the first questions we had was will we see animals. Once again your wondering what I m going on about so I ll explain further. See below pictures.

Al Maha is located in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and plays a vital role in protecting the Arabian Oryx and Gazelle’s (these are the animals we wanted to see). Well, there was no risk of us not seeing them, as soon as drove into the Conservation area was an Oryx staring back at us (Start screaming girls)!

Pool ViewView from the Spa pool all day long IMG_2631The Arabian Oryz that kept us company! IMG_2742IMG_2676We can only say wonderful things about Al Maha, the service was brilliant and staff could not have been more attentive and willing to stop and chat with guests. The food as you will see from the pictures was just excellent and the prawns just melted on your tongue and the cous cous was one of the lightest and fluffiest I ve tasted in a long while (except my Grandma’s). IMG_0109IMG_0111I wore a Arabian inspired dress for the day! IMG_2730IMG_2771

Flavia and I would highly recommend booking your space at the Spa for the day, we had the pool area all for ourselves and saw endless Oryz and Gazelle’s. On top of all this the view was magnificent with the Desert dunes in the background. As sunset came a caravan of camels appearerd in the distance of the dunes and before we knew it they were also just in front of “our” swimming pool.

Perfection in a day and as we would say it was the best girls day and “sojustnice” XX

P.S Do you choose your outfits based on where your going,especially when your travelling?


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