Hello Lovely People…. I wanted to tell you all about this fabulous Pop-up Store I discovered. I managed to catch the B51 pop-up store in Al Serkal Avenue before it closed up on Thursday. I am so happy I was able to go and browse through the racks of beautiful clothes and I can honestly say everything in the store was stunning and very unique for Dubai. Back in Amsterdam I love that pop-up stores that appear all the time, bringing with them something new, fresh and exciting. This is exactly what B51 managed to do for Dubai. The mix of designers was perfect for the Dubai fashion scene with lots of West meets East items. For me the interesing thing was that there was such a fresh take on the styles from the designers in fact one might say a avant grade meets glamour punk style.  The Western influence was very apparent with many designers from Europe however, for me my favourites were Umit Unal from Turkey and OTT from the UAE. The bad news is; I m afriad we will all have to wait with baited breath for the next B51 installement. You can go to their FB page to keep updated. B51Seeing GreenKaftan influencesThe perfect dresses for relaxing around the home or for dinner on vacationUmm KalthoumI am so in love with this scarf, the print is gorgeous and fabric print is pure art.Arabic CushionsQuirky Arabic Cushions, made from packaging materialIMG_0046The ombre fringing from the beautiful scarf.

Scarf: OTT, Top: DIY, Jeans: Gap

What do you love about Pop-up stores?

Ciao from Dubai xx


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