East but West OTT


Above I m wearing: Top: Gap, Trousers: Zara, Shoes, Zara, Bag: OTT Jewellery: OTT

I loved how the silk screen bag really made the denim more fun!


Hello lovely people, yesterday I introduced you to the wonderful brand OTT. As promised here is the photo shoot January and I put together after we fell dramatically in love with every pieces from OTT. We had difficulty narrowing it down to the ones we would show you. However, here are the pictures of the beautiful designs and I m sure you agree that they make you want to wrap yourself up in the beautiful fabrics and wear bright colours and maybe step out of your style comfort zone. I think everyone needs some OTT in their lives to make them bright and fabulous.

The design above is a inspired by the Japanese Kimono and the Morrocan Jalabiya and I think you’ll agree the outcome is fabulous!

Which one was your favourite?

Ciao for now xx

P.S The photos were shot at the Palace hotel Downtown Dubai



8 thoughts on “East but West OTT

  1. dannymakeupartist

    Wow! Already love this as well. If summer EVER comes to the Netherlands, love to wear dress inspired by the Japanese Kimono and the Morrocan Jalabiya !!

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