Travel Thursday #3 …… Lake Como

Hello to the travel fans out there. Last week I told you about my trip to Milan and after many trips to the wonderful Italian city I finally made my way north to the Lakes where I had been hoping to go for a long time. I’ll say this straight away the saying “good things come to those who wait” is true for the lakes. I stayed with my family in Lake Como at a wonderful villa with a fabulous view over the lake. I should maybe change the wonderful villa description because I later discovered my mum had seen a ghost in the kitchen (believe it if you can). When visiting the Italian lakes it is very popular to stay in villas. Be very careful when you book your as there are lots of dodgy/fake ads out there where they scam your money.

Below you can see the gorgeous colours of Lake Como and no matter what time of the day its picture perfect. I had been wanting to visit Lake Como since I saw Oceans Twelve . I have been convinced for most of my adult life that if I met George Clooney for long enough he would have me move in his villa and we would be doing groceries and live happy for ever after (some people say I m delusional).

So aside from trying to meet George Clooney there is plenty to see and do at Lake Como. If you’re a boat enthusiast then this is the place for you ……. I would highly recommend taking the ferries across the lake to the different villages visiting all the little boutiques where you can be great unique things. You must visit Villas dotted all over the lake if your like me and love Architecture you will be very inspired. You can also drive or cycle but its magical being on the water surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the mountains, green landscapes, beautiful boats and colourful villas. There wasn’t one moment at Lake Como that wasn’t pleasing to the eye! See in the photos below how perfect the scenery is.

View from aboveView of the Lakesunset from the villa viewRoom with a ViewI would say the only disappointing thing about Lake Como was the weather and food. We had temperamental weather with sun and rain which of course meant we had thunder too. This doesn’t create the setting for laying by the lake and catching Mr. Clooney’s eye whilst reading magazines and sipping on something cold and tasty.

The food was tourist food, I think to have good Italian it’s never a good idea to be where there are lots of tourists. I feel that Italians don’t like to cook for tourists who don’t appreciate good, unusual food. Moral of the story here, don’t come to Lake Como hoping to taste amazing Italian!

I got to Lake Como via Milan with KLM.

Have you been to the Lakes and which one do you think is best?

Ciao for now xx


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