Meet Maria

image Meet Dj Maria Helena, one of the most dynamic people I’ve interviewed yet, born in Moshi a village at the foot of  Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, she is quarter Tanzanian, quarter Greek and half-Carribean and came to Holland when she was 6. Maria is a DJ and that’s her passion but she is also a model, with a background in Dance. She has traveled all over the globe but still has many places to go.

When I interviewed Maria we were chatting away for 2 hours talking fashion, modelling, music and travel (all my favourites). I first had to ask Maria how she defines her style because her life and jobs are so diverse.  Basically Maria is a chameleon when it comes to her style, it depends on how she feels when she wakes up and what she is up to that day, sometimes she feels preppy and wears a shirt with jeans or if she is just going to the grocery store she will wear sweats and sneakers. Also for Maria where she is in the world also has an influence on her style for example when she is in Miami its heels and big hair and when she goes to Ibiza its more laid back glamour.

Meet DJ Maria

Maria and I have both been to the same party destinations in the world and we spent quiet a bit of the interview talking about Dutch style and how its hard to take that abroad. Dutch girls have a laid back street style look  and this is especially true for Amsterdam but if you’re coming to Dubai or going to Miami or St. Tropez you need to get glammed up and become a girl with heels and dresses. We both agreed Holland does not have a glam factor and so if you want to embrace your feminine style you better not try to do this on Saturday night in Amsterdam as you might look a little out-of-place.

I of course had to ask Maria all about her modelling career, she said “I love modelling for the travel and that every work day is never the same”. We also agreed its such a great job to be creative, a model gets to tell a story with her body and the products, and she has great influence over how that story goes. The girls Maria gets to work with also make her job great, most of the time she will work with the same group of models and this makes it really fun while having to wait for hours and hours (a big part of the job).


Since I ve been doing the blog and photo shoots I have a new-found appreciation for models, the way you have to twist and turn and hold your body means you have to be really fit so I had to ask Maria how she stays in shape, thought you might like to know some insider tips too. She goes to the gym almost every day (I felt so guilty when I heard this). For her diet she stays away from carbs and tries to eat lots of organic and raw vegetables. Overall she just tries to eat healthy because otherwise her energy levels would be low and she wouldn’t be able to keep up with her own pace!

For Maria’s music travel does play an influential role because she says  “You hear different vibes, I try to find music that makes me remember a memory I had on a trip and if I m in the studio and I’m not dancing those tracks don’t make it into my mixes” During Amsterdam Dance Event Maria made a special mix for KLM which was focused on Amsterdam DJ’s. She is currently working on another collaboration with KLM so next time your flying check out the music system and do some dancing in your seat to Maria’s music.


Considering Maria has DJ’d from Amsterdam to Miami to St Tropez I asked her what her packing essentials are. She always takes her jumping rope when she travels to keep up her exercise. Style wise she always takes Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for all her beauty essentials, she always takes an eye mask to sleep on the plane and for sleeping generally to make sure she gets her essential beauty sleep. For clothes she takes a leather jacket because it can be dressed up or down, she loves Goosecraft (she was wearing a gorgeous Goosecraft jacket when we had the interview). Of course, she needs skinny jeans (Met Jeans) that are almost like legging’s and always a black pair of jeans. Just like me, Maria often feels cold and then the essential is a scarf  and this is perfect for accessorising the basics.

The brands Maria loves are: Balmain / Rick Owens / Elisabetta Franchi / Kim Siderius (Dutch Designer she makes only 1 peace of everything)

For shoes her favourites are and she often wears heels while she is DJ’ing: Gianmarco Lorenzi / Gucci / Giuseppe Zanotti / Christian Louboutin / Steve Madden / River Island / Sendra Boots / Karma of Charme / AllStars

Maria and I discussed so many topics and so I m having to break this interview into two parts. We shared our gratefulness that we have been able to travel around the world making memories and getting to meet wonderful, inspiring people. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Maria as much as I did interviewing her. Look out on #Travelthursday for my interview with Maria on Tanzania and Zanzibar.

In the mean time its Saturday so head over to the soundcloud and start dancing to Maria’s mixes.

Ciao for now xx


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