Wearing Abaya

Last week I introduced you to Huda from Malaak Angelology and I wanted to show you how to wear the Abaya and Turban; so below you’ll see how you can style an Abaya as an evening gown. This Abaya was the best tailored gown I had worn for a very long time. It was perfectly nipped in at the waist, dropped nicely around the neck and shoulders and made me feel very Feminine. The gold sequins turban was just the icing on the cake for me to feel like a 1950’s movie star! 
Abaya 1Abaya 2turban2
Malaak is a designer brand that is over the top with attention to detail, and this is what makes Malaak the success it is today and designer Huda does not compromise on the quality at all “they get really annoyed with me in here when I keep telling them to re-pick and cut the patterns again, open up the stitching and do it again”. As you can see from the gorgeous gown above and below the bead work is magnificent and makes the dress.


As soon as I have a need to wear either of these garments Malaak will be getting a visit from me. I just loved them and the way they made me feel with the amazing fabrics and uber femininity.

Do you like to feel feminine and how often does that happen?

Ciao for now xx

P.S connect with Malaak here and here!


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