My Birthday

IMG_4522Hey all, yesterday was my birthday and this week I have been building up to turning 30! Every year I panic turning a year older, I think I have a little of the Peter Pan desire! It feels like there was so much I wanted to achieve by this time in my life but living in the fast lane causes plans to change and evolve sometimes out of control!  However, it was lovely to receive such lovely messages from my best girlfriends from around the globe to say how they were so proud of what I had achieved and to encourage me to conquer my 30’s.

So, as I celebrated 30 eating delicious Spanish food with my friends from Dubai and with my longest time friend from England I realise I have so much to look forward. For those who know me I celebrate my birthday every year for a month as I believe we have to celebrate life! Next week its celebrations in Amsterdam followed by a quick trip to London and then onto California for a road trip …. ticking of the bucket list. I can’t wait to share everything with you for the coming month and years so stay tuned for a roller coaster ride of fun!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

Ciao for now xx


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