Architectural Inspiration

DSC_0290DSC_0287DSC_0304DSC_0303I love Architecture it can keep me entertained for hours, its one of the reasons I love to live in Amsterdam and Dubai because there are great buildings everywhere. In Venice there are so many different types of houses. This is a quick post of some of the houses that caught my eye. I love the ones that line the beach and always imagine I could live in one of those. In fact, I always say if I win the lottery I would buy a place there (fingers crossed).

As for the last two houses they are from the canal area and I also wanted to show you that it’s not just the Beach front where there is so much diversity but all around Venice of course, arguably this kind of architectural diversity is all over LA but sadly some properties are not so easy to photography especially those in the Hills.

Which house would you like to live in?

Ciao for now xx


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