Monday Mood #3 Hollywood


Hey Everyone, Well here we are again on a Monday… once I m back in Dubai that has little importance since the working week starts on a Sunday! However, I thought today would be all about inspiration and energy after we had a wonderful weekend here in London (blog posts coming soon). I m ready to hit the week running, I m only here in London two more days then back to Amsterdam before heading on to Dubai.

“Everybody comes to Hollywood and wants to make it in this neighbourhood” sang Madonna. Well, that energy is what I feel whenever I m in Hollywood. It’s a mix of those just starting out with all their hopes and dreams and those who have ‘made it’ now living it up in the Hollywood hills in their beautiful homes. When I’m in Hollywood I feel that everything I want to achieve is possible and within your reach! I am sure that like me, many of you have dreams that are far more achievable that being a famous movie star but, sometimes we doubt ourselves and our plans. If you feel like that I highly recommend spending an afternoon in Hollywood to kick those self-doubting voices in your head.

Aside from the energy in Hollywood it is of course quite the tourist trap but if you haven’t been to the Walk of Fame then head to Hollywood Blvd for everything your tourist heart desires. See your idol’s star, shop for crap in the souvenir shops, get harassed by aspiring actors wanting to show you their best impression of Marilyn or Batman! Soak up this mad atmosphere for as long as you can and then head to the hills for tranquil Hollywood.

My absolute favourite place in Hollywood is the Griffith Observatory in the Griffith National Park. Enjoy the drive up  looking at all the wonderful houses. as you know from my previous post I love looking at houses. Once you reach the park if your one of those athletic people then you could walk through the park to reach the observatory or if your lazy like me then drive most of the way and walk a little bit. If you walk a little you can look out onto the hills and the famous Hollywood sign. I think the best time to head to the observatory is around 4pm so you can take your time learning all about our universe inside the observatory.

Walking around the outside of Griffith Observatory you can see why many movie scenes have been shot here, wonderful landscaping, fantastic architecture and an atmosphere that seems electric (maybe that’s just me). Lookout from the viewing points to see the best views of LA, see just how big this city really is. Of course, if you head up evening time  you can then perch yourself on a ledge somewhere and watch the sunset behind the Hollywood sign and over the hills. I think its one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen and we have some spectacular ones in the desert.

So, want to get energised, inspired and leave with a quiet mind ready for your next challenge then Hollywood is the place to be. If you’re an aspiring movie star then come here and get ready to fight with all the other hopefuls.

Outfit: T-shirt: Sandro, Trousers: HM Nederland, Sandals: Istanbul Bazaar, Bag: Marc By Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses: Vintage

Where is your place to get energised?

Ciao for now xx


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