Columbia Road


Hey Guys, sorry the blog has been quiet the last few days but, sadly I had to experience every bloggers biggest nightmare a computer meltdown! After spending many hours with a very helpful technician yesterday I’m back up and running. Well, on a happier note last Sunday the sun was shining in London and I decided to head over to East London and spend the day wondering Columbia road, Shoreditch and Brick Lane. The pictures I have shared with you are meant to give you an impression of the area and some cool things to see in the neighbourhood.

Head to Columbia Road on a Sunday for the flower market, I love fresh flowers and when I am home in Amsterdam I always liked to buy flowers for my house I think its a luxury that in Dubai we miss out on because of the crazy prices for imported flowers. Once you have your flowers or herbs (yes you can get those here too) then pop in and out of shops. I highly recommend visiting Suck and Chew for all your favourite childhood sweets. The decoration of the shop is also a a real treat for the eyes so all-in-all a must visit.  After the sweet shop then head to Ryantown, the cutest paper card shop I have seen in a long time. Gorgeous cards with beautiful messages in lovely colours.

All over East London you can see Street Art and I have shared a few of my favourites that I spotted on my walk. There were also others I liked too but there were so many people walking around, enjoying the weather that it was hard to take pictures. Which ones do you like?

Today I have already shared where to start your Sunday off to a good start at Salvation Jane. So, as you may have guessed already, this was a great sunday for me.

How do you like to spend your weekends? I love brunch with friends and need to find more good brunch places in Amsterdam.

Ciao for now


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