Monday Mood #4

Ellie Saab JewelsEllie Saab Couture in my eyes is usually a fail safe show …. pretty beaded gowns ready for the red carpet. I must say Couture Fall 2014 with these gorgeous jewel tones and appliqué were truly beautiful, my favourite was the red with its casual pocket detail and elegant long sleeves.

Ellie Saab Skin TonesSkin tone could be seen in many of the Couture shows last week. I am hoping this is a trend that will be picked up by the ready-to-wear lines in the future, I think its very feminine and subtly sexy. In the mean time, I may have to have my tailor make me something in my favourite nude lace …. watch this space.


Vionet apparently had major production issues but finally managed to pull some looks together. I am sure you will agree what was on show was beautiful and the future can only get better from here. ValentinoValentino, Valentino, Valentino! You always manage to win my heart. The design and beadwork of these dresses are magnificent. The details are what Couture is all about and the House of Valentino never fail to rise to the occasion. It was hard for me to pick my favourites but, these are in my head and in my heart. Love!

Armani PriveArmani Prive also showed many garments in blush and flesh tones. The fabrics used were quite diverse and therefore, making the collection look so put together and to be honest I wanted to to wear everything, I felt looking at the pictures that the clothes would be soft to the touch and would feel like you were actually naked. So feminine and of understated beauty ….. How Giorgio Armani!

V&RViktor and Rolf’s return to the Couture Calendar after 13 years was one of calm. It was a showcase of their conceptual work with all the garments made in the same fabric but the designers were siting on the catwalk ready to turn the models into something else such as; a rock on a beach after they walked the catwalk. These two looks were my favourites and I think Viktor and Rolf are in a good place with their work and the show showed that.

What do you love about Couture?

Ciao for now xx

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