Trending Tuesday #6 Freej


You are all probably trying to understand what this pictures is all about ….. well all over the world Muslims will begin to fast tomorrow for Ramadan. Its a time to reflect, connect with your spiritual side and take time to get back to essentials in life. It also means that Freej is back on our TV screens.

Freej is based on the four grandmothers above, who made their way on to the small screen in 2006. For those of you that don’t know, Freej is about the grandmothers who live in a neighbourhood of Dubai and have to deal with all the changes that are going on around them as Dubai grows as a city. The creation of Mohammed Saeed Harib  the show has been a success with all the family and not just children and was the first animated show in Middle East. I will bring you a “Meet Mohammed” post this weekend so you can hear all about the inspiration behind the show and the what the future holds for our favourite grandmothers.

Since the grandmothers appeared to TV you can now see them trying to take care of everyone appearing in safety video’s ….. so here is a little clip of the safety video to give you a small insight into the show ….. Enjoy!


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