Trending Tuesday #7 Baby George

ImageDSC_0743Britain Royal Baby


Baby George is now 1 week old and ironically yesterday would have been Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s 32nd Wedding Anniversary. Well aside, from Baby George being a King in waiting I had to make a post to discuss the outfit Kate choose to wear. I could hear the world all aaaaaahhhhhh’ing at the first sighting of HRH Prince George but, it was the way new Mum Kate stepped out into a sea of flashing photographers in a gorgeous blue Polka Dot dress looking calm, cool and collected i.e fabulous that caught my eye! I had only been discussing moments earlier that events like this for the Royal Family are so pre-rehersed for safety reasons, suddenly I spotted that Princess Diana had also worn Polka Dots when she left the hospital with Prince William how every surprising. Well, I think they both looked great and I have recently been thinking how feminine and lady like Polka Dots look, if they are good enough for Princesses they are definitely good enough for us commoner’s.

Did you like Kate’s dress?

Ciao for Now xx


3 thoughts on “Trending Tuesday #7 Baby George

  1. FreeUrCloset

    Wow, thank you for sharing … now I’m wondering if there is a hidden message Kate was trying to send Will or England … hmmm … she sure looks very lovely and proud. So happy for them!

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