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Trending Tuesday #10 Healthkick

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Fruit Infused Water

Hey Guys, so I am currently trying to eat/drink good and that is starting my day with fruit infused waters. I thought I would share with you some photos of my colourful waters from my kitchen. I have never been a big water drinker even when I was living in Dubai. Well, I have now found a way to stomach water with a little bit of sweetness to satisfy my sweet tooth. If you follow me on Instagram (sojustnice) you would have seen that I was making fresh juice every morning while I was in Dubai. In Amsterdam I don’t have a juice machine so I can say that the waters are a kind of substitute and if you leave them to infuse over night they are delicious in the morning.

What you’ll need:

Jam Jars

Fruit of your choice 


Just cut the fruit up, add it to the jar and fill with water then put the lids of the jars and leave in your fridge overnight and your done. Its truly not more complicated than that.

What I Wore: Jumper: French Connection, Necklace: Tiffany & Co, Bracelets: By Sophie, Tiffany & Co and Lijnbaangracht Market, Amsterdam

Have you tried Fruit Infused waters?

Ciao for now xx


Mood Monday #6 Jackets


As I post this I feel it maybe a little premature but, one of the best things about blogging is that I can spend endless hours on the web ‘window shopping’ and say its work! This weekend I was surfing the web and was drooling over jackets on offer for fall. This time of year is always difficult and I love the pre-fall collections but sometimes they just don’t hit the mark either. Now, I must say its still sunny outside here in Amsterdam but, my Arab blood means I am usually colder than my friends here and unlike some women my fetish is not shoes but jackets! I have lots of them and love them. I have always worked in a corporate environment and so a jacket is perfect to make your work outfit look super smart and for me also an essentil when traveling as planes are freezing!

I am loving the three above which I saw on Left to Right: Camouflage jacket by Christopher Kane, The perfect casual jacket: Stella McCartney, Smart Casual Jacket by A.L.C

Which one of these jackets would you want?

Ciao for Now xx

Interior Inspiration #1

d30b87cd03a1eed198cd8e2300f0f406I am currently feeling in a very “nesting” mood! I think every season is makes me want to change my interiors. In summer I want everything in White and the minimal look everywhere however, come fall and winter I am all about grey with white. I recently found this picture online and I think it just about sums up my perfect interior for my living room. An Arne Jacobsen egg chair is my dream interior piece and the perfect fluffy rug…… well I probably would never leave home which might be a bit of a problem.

What do you like for your interior?

Ciao for now xx

Dream Dress

MW1MW2DSC_0233Hey All, Here is my last look I wanted to show you from Portugal. This has to be one of my favourite dresses. I found it at Harvey Nichols at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai where Matthew Williamson’s best pieces are sold in Dubai. I love this dress because it fits just perfect and this is often hard to find when your petite. I didn’t have to take it to the tailor or make any adjustments.

Before on the blog I have talked about my love of Matthew Williamson’s designs and its because each season his pieces always could fit into my travel plans for the year with his typically Eastern influences on his Western dresses, perfect for the UAE. From when I saw this dress on the catwalk, I had been dreaming about it. To add a little simplicity to the dress I get the jewellery minimal with just my evil eye bracelet (colours match perfectly) and some simple white shoes. I have been loving the white shoe trend this season and I think they definitely made my tan look much stronger!

What I wore: Dress: Matthew Williamson, Shoes: Zara and Bracelet: By Sophie 

What’s your dream dress?

Ciao for now xx

Travel Thursday #8 Seville

RoofHey all, This week we are in Seville, Spain for Travel Thursday. I was there about a month ago now (sorry for late post). I think it is already one of my favourite cities so I will definetly be back. The architecture and scenery all over the city is a architecture fan’s biggest love. Everywhere you look is picture perfect.
Spanish PlazaAlfonosoAlfonso 2

feetBuildingGuitarHotelI was in Seville for less than 48 hours on my way to Portugal. Seville is probably the epitome in Europe of East meets West. You can see the impact of the Moorish influence all over the city. Perfect day is to first walk through the city heading to the Alcazar, (you should pass the Cathedral on your way). When you come out the Alcazar walk in the narrow alleyways and then you should come to Jardins de Murillo, sit, observe and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Once you have recovered from your morning’s walking and sightseeing, then head through the gardens to the Tobacco Factory and onto the Hotel Alfonso XIII for lunch.  The Hotel Alfonso XIII is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever been in. I could share 50 photos here but kept it just to two. Imagine though an old Spanish palace with beautiful long corridors, all decorated with tiles and mosaic from the Moorish era and wonderfully fabulous gardens. This is a must-visit if your in Seville to feel like you stepped back to an era past.

After lunch and relaxation then jump on a horse and carriage outside the hotel and take a tour of Parque de Maria Luisa, this is where the beautiful building of the Plaza Espana is and I can honestly say, that not only is the Parque beautiful the Plaza Espana is magnificent (again could have showed you at least 50 photos).

After your Carriage ride have them drop you off by the Cathedral and head to the hotel EME Fusion Hotel. Take a quick tour of this beautiful boutique hotel before heading to the roof terrace for drinks and watch the sunset over the city, with fabulous views of the Cathedral. After soaking up the best view of Seville head downstairs for dinner at Santo. This is a beautiful design restaurant with Hans Wegner’s wishbone chairs adorn this sophisticated restaurant.  Its a well executed Mediterranean menu so you won’t be disappointed by the food. Be prepared to eat with the best of Seville and you’ll want to take this restaurant back to your hometown. The atmosphere is understatedly hip and the design beautiful and a great jazz duo playing live music.

Yes I love Seville and can’t wait to go back!

Ciao for now xx


Coco Chanel Bon Anniversaire

coco-chanelcoco-chanel-photo-douglas-kirkland12CocoCOCO1Hey all, well my second post of the day is to mark Madam Coco Chanel’s 130th birthday. Chanel’s philosophy was to emphasise understated elegance through her clothes. Today the house of Chanel still reflects this elegant but, sophisticated style and Madam Chanel lives on every season. She died in 1971 in the Hotel Ritz where she had lived for 30 years and in doing so departed life in her glamorous manner she had bestowed on society across the globe through the brand of Chanel that she created. Her legacy outlives her and will continue to do so and as the only female designer to appear on the front of Time magazine the female designers of today have a lot to live up to.

What do you love about Chanel?

Ciao for now xx

Mood Monday #5 Airport Shopping

DSC_1047-procHey Hey, Its Monday again, as I sit here writing the weather outside is basically raining cats and dogs but, the weather man promises better weather at the end of the week. Anyway, my mood monday is all about airport shopping. For anyone who has had the displeasure of flying with me they know that they have to remind me to be on time to the airport. I am sure that they actually are never 100% sure I will make it to the plane. The unfortunate thing of being a 3rd culture/expat kid is that you think planes are like buses! I have been known to hold planes up with being late, my advice to a friend who was once running late to the airport was to call them have the plane wait …… yeah that didn’t work out too well he was flying Ryan Air!

My tardiness has changed since Origins is now being sold at Amsterdam Schiphol, this means that I can now show up with an hour to go rather than the 45 mins I usually aim for. I love Origins and have always had to stock up when in London or the States (it wasn’t sold in Dubai either).

Before my flight to Copenhagen the other day I managed to grab my two favourite must-have products. Modern Friction has to be the best micro-dermabrasion product on the beauty market that doesn’t require you to go to a salon. My skin is always brighter and clearer after using just once. The Perfect World Serum creates what its called, a ‘perfect world’ for my skin, I use it morning and evening and even with my hyper-sensitive skin it leaves it just that little calmer. If only there was a product like this for life generally!

My must-haves for traveling and general life: Origins, Modern Friction and Perfect World Serum,Juliet Has a Gun, Lady Vengeance the perfect east/west scent, Evian Water spray, my Versace sunglasses.

Have you tried Origins?

Ciao for Now xx