Travel Thursday #7 PCH

DSC_0487DSC_0353DSC_0423DSC_0329DSC_0523DSC_0559DSC_0451DSC_0448DSC_0585DSC_0457DSC_0284The roadtrip on California’s Highway 1 was a dream come true, I had seen a documentary on this trip and had wanted to do this for so long. As you know, I recently had a milestone birthday and to celebrate with my parents, we flew to the West Coast of USA and stayed a few days in LA and you can read all about that on the blog here and here. After LA we headed to Santa Barbara which I totally fell in love with.

However, I had so many photos from this trip that I wanted to show you, I have narrowed it down to the ones above and I hope this gives you a good impression of why PCH is so worth a road trip. We sadly run out of time and didn’t make it to San Francisco but, for sure I will do this trip again from North to South and go all the way to San Diego.

If you want any tips and tricks please leave your comments below and I will fill you in to the best of my knowledge!

Are you road tripping this summer?

Ciao for now xx


3 thoughts on “Travel Thursday #7 PCH

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    What stellar photos!! California is such an awesome and diverse state. Northern is different the mid and different than southern. CA is a great place to visit.

    1. sojustnice Post author

      Thanks for the compliment and hope to bring you some other inspiring travel pics over the next month …. Stay tuned and yes CA is an Awesome place to visit! X


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