DSC_0174DSC_0174 2DSC_0168Hey All, hope your having a super good weekend the weather here in Amsterdam luckily got much brighter and hotter this week just in time for Gay Pride yesterday (a lot of fun). Anyway, while I was back in Dubai I went to the textile market and saw this material which, I thought would be perfect for making Kaftans. It looks a lot like the famous Missoni print and I loved the colours. I love to wear my kaftans on the beach or round the pool but, also on Sunday’s when I am just lazy and hanging around at home. I bought this material in bulk and have made a long and short Kaftan so far and hope to to make some more with longer sleeves for later in the year.

This look is from Portugal where the sky was blue and the sea just perfect, I will post more about that trip as soon as possible. In the mean time I hope you like this look?

Would you wear a Kaftan at home?

Ciao for Now

Kaftan: DIY, Flip Flops: Haviana’s


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