DSC_0783DSC_0809DSC_0805DSC_0794DSC_0803DSC_0798DSC_0784DSC_0793DSC_0796DSC_0797Hey All, Today is my final post from my trip to London earlier this summer. I enjoy strolling around London and being inspired by all the different inhabitants of London, as well as the visitors. One sunny Sunday I decided to go on an all-day trip to East London where I have already posted about the first half of that day here, where I visited Columbia Road. The pictures above are all from Brick Lane and the shops around there. The best thing about Brick Lane is the street market atmosphere and the coffee and bagel shops that are neighbourhood institutions. On the other hand for Vintage shopping there is no where in London that is as good.

I hope the photos above give you a good picture of what’s on offer around Brick Lane the pictures were taken in Beyond Retro which has shops in both London and Sweden and arguably the best selection of Vintage clothes. The other pictures are from my other favourite store Blitz which touts itself as a Vintage Department Store, and I must say its hard to argue that, whether your looking for key vintage pieces, inspiration or vinyl and after all that shopping you can grab a coffee too ….. whats more perfect. I also recommend Absolute Vintage too as they have the best selection of Shoes and Handbags. London has an abundance of Vintage stores but I can’t recommend enough the Brick Lane area and you must visit my favourite stores. I hope this has inspired you to visit the East and take a walk on the East Side

If you have any tips leave them in the comments below for other readers.

Ciao for Now xx


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