Mood Monday #5 Airport Shopping

DSC_1047-procHey Hey, Its Monday again, as I sit here writing the weather outside is basically raining cats and dogs but, the weather man promises better weather at the end of the week. Anyway, my mood monday is all about airport shopping. For anyone who has had the displeasure of flying with me they know that they have to remind me to be on time to the airport. I am sure that they actually are never 100% sure I will make it to the plane. The unfortunate thing of being a 3rd culture/expat kid is that you think planes are like buses! I have been known to hold planes up with being late, my advice to a friend who was once running late to the airport was to call them have the plane wait …… yeah that didn’t work out too well he was flying Ryan Air!

My tardiness has changed since Origins is now being sold at Amsterdam Schiphol, this means that I can now show up with an hour to go rather than the 45 mins I usually aim for. I love Origins and have always had to stock up when in London or the States (it wasn’t sold in Dubai either).

Before my flight to Copenhagen the other day I managed to grab my two favourite must-have products. Modern Friction has to be the best micro-dermabrasion product on the beauty market that doesn’t require you to go to a salon. My skin is always brighter and clearer after using just once. The Perfect World Serum creates what its called, a ‘perfect world’ for my skin, I use it morning and evening and even with my hyper-sensitive skin it leaves it just that little calmer. If only there was a product like this for life generally!

My must-haves for traveling and general life: Origins, Modern Friction and Perfect World Serum,Juliet Has a Gun, Lady Vengeance the perfect east/west scent, Evian Water spray, my Versace sunglasses.

Have you tried Origins?

Ciao for Now xx


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