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dropped flowersshrimpton cuyellow carPonte de Vecchio, Florence, Vogue, 1962binHey Guys, Hope your all having a good weekend, sorry for the delayed post today but, I have been having a few issues since yesterday, Anyway, I think this is one of the posts that doesn’t show my style but, probably is a good insight to one of my all time favourite things in life ….. Fashion Photography. I know many of you read blogs and folllow fashion however, I am sure you will agree there is nothing better than pure fashion photography. As I mentioned in my previous post this week I love photography and I don’t think there is anything better than brilliant editorial work. Its for this reason I buy magazines and love to see how fashion is showcased in the fashion pages. Brian Duffy was at the forefront of fashion photography in 1960’s working for Vogue magazine as well as Elle and other influential publications.

I am sure you agree with me that the above pictures are just spectacular, if I could own gallery space as in my own private gallery (when I get the mansion 😉 I would for sure want to own these beautiful photos, they show not only the natural beauty of the models. but, the wonderful fashion of the era. Its hard to imagine that capturing the beauty had to be calculated with just light adn skill as Addie (Gallery Vassie’s owner and Curator) said “there was no photoshop in those days”. If you think of Bardot, Shrimpton and Twiggy they have aged so well too, and to me, without surgery  and just natural beauty is what makes a model.

Today, fashion photography is changing with the rise of street-style and bloggers however, it was Duffy, Bailey and Donovan that were the hip guys in the 60’s who in some way were more famous than the models they took photos of. They were indeed so cool they could persuade their models to step out of studios and be photographed on the ‘street’. To me, I love nothing more than photography that can capture someone in a moment. I hope you will agree too, that the last photo could be straight off the page of a September issue for AW13 and this is what makes Duffy’s work magnificent.

I was so privileged to see these beautiful prints and I want to say a BIG thank you to Addie at Gallery Vassie for sharing this selection of pictures for you all to see.  If your interested in buying any of Duffy’s work including the wonderful Duffy book, the first publication of this wonderful photographers work then please contact Gallery Vassie through their website.

What do you love about Fashion Photography?

Happy weekend and Ciao for Now xx


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