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Scarlet Segreto

IMG_8024Hey All, If you haven’t already don’t forget to check out my new blog site sojustnice.com I have been posting style looks from my recent time in Dubai. Check it out here and don’t forget to sign up and follow me on bloglovin.

Have an AWESOME weekend. xx


Everything is Black and White

bwThe weather is for sure getting grey and so, I am loving that the fall/winter collections are not all dark colours. Whilst White is still a neutral colour I some how feel it has that bit of something that adds an usual break from the normal dark fall wardrobes. I have put together some of our favourite white and black items in my wardrobe both old and new. Every season I like to add additions to my wardrobe and I am not a trend type person when I m shopping. I look at the fabrics, quality and for items I believe will be with me for a while so I can mix and match everything. I also like to mix up my brands and try to add my slightly more expensive pieces with my bargain finds.

From Left to Right: White, lace Jumper: Sandro, Black Lace skirt: Forever 21, Leggings: Trunk V, White Sequin Top: Topshop, Black faux leather skirt: ASOS, Faux Fur Jacket HM Paris Collection. 

Boots: Ankle Boots: ACNE, Over the Knee: HM Paris Collection

Can’t wait to show you how I style all of these items in the coming months.

What kind of things have you been buying for the coming season? I ll show you mine if you show me yours 😉

Ciao for now xx


Fashion Photography

dropped flowersshrimpton cuyellow carPonte de Vecchio, Florence, Vogue, 1962binHey Guys, Hope your all having a good weekend, sorry for the delayed post today but, I have been having a few issues since yesterday, Anyway, I think this is one of the posts that doesn’t show my style but, probably is a good insight to one of my all time favourite things in life ….. Fashion Photography. I know many of you read blogs and folllow fashion however, I am sure you will agree there is nothing better than pure fashion photography. As I mentioned in my previous post this week I love photography and I don’t think there is anything better than brilliant editorial work. Its for this reason I buy magazines and love to see how fashion is showcased in the fashion pages. Brian Duffy was at the forefront of fashion photography in 1960’s working for Vogue magazine as well as Elle and other influential publications.

I am sure you agree with me that the above pictures are just spectacular, if I could own gallery space as in my own private gallery (when I get the mansion 😉 I would for sure want to own these beautiful photos, they show not only the natural beauty of the models. but, the wonderful fashion of the era. Its hard to imagine that capturing the beauty had to be calculated with just light adn skill as Addie (Gallery Vassie’s owner and Curator) said “there was no photoshop in those days”. If you think of Bardot, Shrimpton and Twiggy they have aged so well too, and to me, without surgery  and just natural beauty is what makes a model.

Today, fashion photography is changing with the rise of street-style and bloggers however, it was Duffy, Bailey and Donovan that were the hip guys in the 60’s who in some way were more famous than the models they took photos of. They were indeed so cool they could persuade their models to step out of studios and be photographed on the ‘street’. To me, I love nothing more than photography that can capture someone in a moment. I hope you will agree too, that the last photo could be straight off the page of a September issue for AW13 and this is what makes Duffy’s work magnificent.

I was so privileged to see these beautiful prints and I want to say a BIG thank you to Addie at Gallery Vassie for sharing this selection of pictures for you all to see.  If your interested in buying any of Duffy’s work including the wonderful Duffy book, the first publication of this wonderful photographers work then please contact Gallery Vassie through their website.

What do you love about Fashion Photography?

Happy weekend and Ciao for Now xx

Trending Tueday #11 Bowie

aladdin sane negHey All, I am sure you have all read in publications or on social media how the Bowie exhibition at the V&A was ‘the’ must-visit exhibit of the summer. If like me you sadly missed it in London you can still catch some of the best of Bowie at the & Foam until October.

I was lucky enough to sit down with Addie Vassie the Curator of the & Foam exhibition and owner of Gallery Vassie which is located close to Central Station in the historic heart of Amsterdam. You may not know this about me but, having been in the corporate world for most of my career my creative escape was being able to indulge in photography exhibitions. Its my favourite art medium so, this was a real treat for me.

Galley Vassie1Talking with Addie, was a great education in photography and especially that of Brian Duffy who of course was one of the pioneers of modern day Fashion photography. Addie, has been living in Amsterdam on and off with a stint in USA for over 10 years. After graduating at University Addie’s CV is a glimpse into working at the best photography galleries having been Curator at V&A and the Photography Gallery in London. Since moving to Amsterdam she continued working within the best photography spaces such as Huis Marseille and Foam as well as being the owner and Curator of her own space.

Like most times in life I came across Addie and Gallery Vassie through a couple of degree’s of separation and one might say just at the right time to see the best of Brian Duffy’s work. I would highly recommend making an appointment to go and see the rest of Brian Duffy’s work that is not Bowie and therefore not on exhibition at & Foam. I will show you some of my favourite Duffy pieces in another post as today is all about Bowie. You can also purchase prints from Gallery Vassie.

Ziggy Stardust

The ironic part of Duffy’s career or some could argue the genius was that he allegedly had burned all his work when he had ‘just had enough’. He famously said “I don’t give a f**k what anyone thinks about me……why? For what? so the doorman at Harrods can recognise me.” I think it was this attitude that made him sincere to his craft. However, later in life it was his son Chris who had also followed his father’s footsteps and become a photographer himself who had said when his father became ill that it was a shame he had burned all his work …. well, of course it turned out he had kept all the negatives of his best work! Thank god for us.

Scary Colour

Duffy as one of the ‘Terrible Trio’ that included Terrance Donovan and David Bailey as they had been nicknamed by British Press in 60’s, had been responsible for not only capturing the swinging 60’s but helping create it. Duffy had worked with Bowie a number of times however, the famous album covers came about after Bowie and his manager had asked the Record company what they were going to do with album cover and very nonchalantly had been told to ‘just’ get a photographer. Rather insulted by this blase attitude Bowie decided to contact his friend Duffy and therefore, work with one of the most expensive photographers! We know the result ……. fantastic!

aladdin saneThis week I will also bring you a post on Duffy’s fashion photos and of course, give you a bit more insight into his work. I also will hopefully be able to follow up with Addie on their latest exhibition; ‘Benghazi: Home of the Brave’ by Annette Den Ouden  that will be in the Gallery from this Saturday and you can come to Gallery Vassie between 1 – 6pm.

What do you think of the iconic Bowie pictures?

Ciao for Now xx


Meet Elaine

ElaineElaine Ching spent a part of her childhood as an expat in Taiwan and now lives in Amsterdam, quite different from each other but in some way her new store Trunk V is all about merging the two.

Living in Taiwan Elaine had early exposure to the Asian Fashion scene through her fashion bibles that were actually in a language she couldn’t understand; Japanese. However, I think many readers here can associate with reading or should I say “flicking” through fashion magazines that you can not comprehend in your own language but, at the same time you have a complete understanding of what the fashion in those pages are communicating to you. This is where Elaine realised that Asian Fashion was definitely an industry that was fun, quirky but, also would have to be taken seriously.

As I have talked about before here on the blog that one of my favourite things when I travel is to buy key, unique pieces to bring back home with me. Well this concept is what Trunk V is all about. Elaine was searching for unique pieces for herself and found she was constantly buying good quality, individual clothes to bring back to Holland on her trips to Asia. Well that personal buying soon became her business as she went on trips to Asia and was filling up her trunk and bringing it back to Amsterdam. The picture below is just an example of the individual pieces you can find at Trunk V right now and note its all limited collections so once its sold its gone!

Trunk V 1

The explanation of the V in the name is fantastic and one everyone can understand or perhaps has been intrigued by. You may or may not have noticed that Asian’s often make a V sign or the peace sign when taking pictures …. well since its so fashionable right now why not put it in the name of a fashion store to well “jazz it up”

Since the conception of Trunk V the business has been growing from strength-to-strength whilst the concept started online Elaine opened her first Bricks and Mortar store in the form of a pop-up store on the Zeedijk in Amsterdam. Since Trunk V has been open over a month ago Elaine has had to place more orders from her suppliers in Asia as apparently she wasn’t the only one who was looking for unique, individual clothes in Amsterdam … tourists and residents alike needed to have something that their friends and colleagues wouldn’t be wearing.

Trunk V-proc

I asked Elaine how she thinks travel has influenced her fashion style and she like many other of the people I interviewed have said that seeing what others are wearing in different environments can often give you the confidence to try new styles that your eyes suddenly see and this would have only been possible because of traveling.

Elaine asked me to take a photo of the dress below as it was a style that was Vintage. When her grandmother was first in Holland she would make these “shift” dress designs and have the sequins sent to her from China so she could create these beautiful hand embroidery dresses, and it was her grandmothers style that kick-started Elaine’s love of fashion.

Trunk V 7

So its Saturday and if your in Amsterdam and have a party or dinner to go to then I suggest making a bee-line for Trunk V to find a unique outfit that you can guarantee your friends won’t have and that will be classic enough but, also so in fashion right now and that for me is what makes the styles at Trunk V special and absolute must-have’s. If your not in the city or are a reader from further-a-field then have no fear you can also shop on line. Here is my favourite outfit for this weekend.

Trunk V 3

One thing is for sure, Asian fashion is here to stay and will continue to make its growth on the international fashion market and if your in Holland then Trunk V is the place to go to get your hands on the best of what you can find right now in Asia (without having to suffer the Jetlag, Elaine does that for you). Find Trunk V at Zeedijk 60 and they are open 7 days a week. If you can’t get to the pop-up then shop online here.

What do you think of Asian fashion scene?

Ciao for now xx

Stars and Graffiti


Here is my last look from London, after trawling Columbia Road and Shoreditch you can read all about that here. I took some photos with some of the street art in the area wearing my new favourite jeans. I am having a bit of a love affair with nude and blush colours at the moment and when I saw these jeans in Harvey Nichols Dubai I had to have them. The star vest is a new purchase from J Crew on my recent trip to West Coast US. You can read all about my stay in LA and road trip north on the blog and catch up with my recent travels to London too.

What I Wore: Earrings: Ralph Lauren, Top: Black vest from HM Nederland and Star T-shirt J Crew, Jeans: Paige Denim, Bag: Zara, Sandals: Bazaar Istanbul, Sunglasses: Versace

Have you got your summer travel plans sorted yet?

Ciao for now xx


DSC_0191DSC_0192DSC_0886DSC_0189Hi All, this is the first style post in a while as I have been traveling its been hard to keep up with all my posts for the blog but, I promise I still have posts from California, London, Dubai and now Spain as well. I have recently become quite obsessed with blush and nude tones. I think it looks so clean and is easy to mix and match. With all the Pre-fall collections carrying in-between pieces there is plenty nude options for your wardrobe.

In this look I share my favourite way to mix nude with pastels and of course my favourite accessory colours of Black and Gold for a feminine outfit perfect for light, late nights!

Playsuit: Sandro, (available on Sale) Skirt: Massimo Dutti, Bag: Jimmy Choo, Shoes: Zara, Necklace: Tiffany & Co, Ring and Bracelet: By Sophie’s Closet Dubai.