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Meet Andraya

Meet Andraya a Designer hailing from the world class Central Saint Martin’s school in London. Whilst studying she kept up her expat lifestyle flying between her two homes of London and Dubai.The Middle Eastern influence could be seen all over her graduation collection.

Cages from Andraya / Farrag(One of Andraya’s designs from her Graduate show) See Andraya / Farrag graduation collection video 

Andraya’s first internship was at Matthew Willamson where she became fascinated by fabrics and embroidery from exotic places. Later in her course she would move to New York City to intern for Marchesa and others. Her life has been spent travelling and that continues to inspire her. With such a diverse background I wondered how travel and culture had influenced her fashion style.

Andraya wearing her collection in Dubai

Andraya wearing a dress from her collection

Andraya describes her style as leather jackets with layers, the occasional spike here and there and statement jewellery (mainly rings and necklaces). She mostly wears black but loves bright colour blocking too. Painting her nails to match her outfit or adding a splash of colour is her style statement. Her main concern though is wearing clothes that flatter the figure. She loves vintage and new and tries to mix that with pieces and styles that she is inspired by from the runway shows. However, the epitome of Andraya’s style is defined by which country she is living in at the time.

Andraya in India

Andraya’s time in India encouraged her to wear more colour (although black will never lose its charm for Andraya). She says “I think people in London are afraid to experiment with colour. Travel allows you to re-invent yourself a little and merge in with your new surroundings. Different culture interpret fashion and style in different ways which I find very exciting”

In her sandwhich year at Central Saint Martins she went to New York and of the infamous city she says “I love that city – its full of energy”. Andraya liked that all the different areas in New York have a different vibe much like London. Of course, the other must-see for Andraya was all the great places to eat and the bars that are so full of character. She highly recommends the bar at The Jane Hotel and is a must do for any visitor to the city who is looking for somewhere away from the tourist traps.

After graduating Andraya moved to India to work in the fashion industry. At first it was a total culture shock for her as she had never been to India before. However, she loved it the second she got there; the noise, chaos, colour and totally mental happenings. She says “there is always something incredible happening, whether it’s a 10 year old riding down the motorway on a horse or a random procession with drums and music. It’s a really inspiring place – if you haven’t been already and can handle a little madness I highly recommend it” When you need to escape the hustle and bustle then Andraya suggests visiting Hampi for ancient ruins in the beautiful countryside or the tea plantations in Munar and the backwaters of Kerala”

Travelling in India

I hope that Andraya’s trip summary has inspired you to look around you and be inspired by all sorts and of course to try some colour in your outfits, a little Asian style!

You can catch up with Andraya again when she tells Sojustnice her London Essentials for Travel Thursday.

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Well Mondays on my blog are to be dedicated to Mondaymoaning! Yes, it’s going to be about all the things that I think are #justnotnice. Monday’s are bad so its a good excuse to get it all out at the beginning of the week.

Well, my first target is Saint Laurent. Since Hedi Slimane has become head of the Parisian house things have got more and more musical. Whilst I loved the Autumn/winter 2014 show I do not see Marilyn Manson as a style icon who should be fronting the house’s new campaign (I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this on twitter last week). I understand and love that 90’s is trending right now and I m glad one designer has got the grunge look right I just can’t get my head around the campaign. See the pictures below!marilyn-manson-600x450love_2525797aI at least can see Courtney Love in these ad’s although she has appeared on many bad dressed lists in recent years she has been getting it together.

What do you think of the ads? #Justnice or #Justnotnice

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Matthew Williamson is one of my favourite designers, every fashion week I wait to see the beautful dresses that will be showcased on the catwalk. What I love about the collections is they always inspire my wander lust mind and make me dream of exotic places, of course in my mind I would travel to far places with one of the dresses packed in my beautiful travel trunk (ironically I usually travel light but not in this daydream). I love that the colours make me dream of Rajistan, Goa, Thailand, Bali, Marrakesh and all those other places I still have to visit some day. I was so excited this week to see on twitter and instagram that Net-a-Porter was asking Mathhew to share his best pictures from his travels under the #matthewmapped.

Matthew Willamson

This picture is from the net-a-porter  #matthewmapped instagram shots and this specific one is of him in the Yves Saint Laurent garden in Marrakesh (memo to self: must go here).

Below are some of my favourite pieces from recent collections that I would love to have in my wardrobe!

Matthew WillamsonFavourite look from Matthew Williamson A/W 13/14 …. the floral colours and short funky style would definetly be worn again and again.

Matthew Willamson Spring 13I love this Cross over style and the colours remind me of a beautiful courtyard that you would stumble across in the depths of the Morrocan countryside. Yes I want this dress!

Matthew Willamson Spring 13The colour of this dress stuck in my mind since fashion week in last year and I was determined to find something similar as I thought the colour would go well with my skin tone. See what I bought and wore and tell me if you think it suits me.

Do you like Matthew Williamson does he inspire you to travel and discover far exotic places?

P.s Pictures from style.com and Net-a-Porter instagram you can also buy Matthew Williamson from Net-a-Porter

While I was at the By Malene Birger store interviewing Helle the Boutique owner I couldn’t resist playing dress up with the new 10 year celebration collection. Below you can see all the Justnice looks and how we mixed and matched styles. To see the collection yourselves head to the store in Wafi city ASAP! Dressing up with By Malene BirgerBlack and White TrousersBling BlingBlack and WhiteParty TimeAll clothes and accessories By Malene Birger!

Photos by Chantelle Farrag

The Scene at Louis Vuitton was a hotel with people throwing on what they had in their rooms and lets say this is one stylish hotel. Loved Mr Marc Jacob’s PJ’S too.Louis Vuitton

I really like the pictures of the LV show from The Sartorialist where you could see the set much clearer than these pics from style.com

Do we all want to look this this when we are on our next hotel visit? Yes, I think so because its Justnice!

West Coast grunge was the theme for Saint Laurent Fall 2013. I love this look though finding it hard to carry off. However, I am the biggest fan of most things with stars so i was happy to see the cardigan below featured in this collection. See below for the Justnice looks. Grunge at Saint LaurentSaint Laurent detailsWhat did you think of this collection?


There isn’t much Raf Simons can do wrong at the moment. It was hard to choose between all the beautiful looks at Christian Dior but here are the Justnice favourites. Christian Dior

What did you think of the looks?