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last look of summer

DSC_0623top detailsIMG_0190


Hey all, Whilst were in the midst of Fashion Weeks and I think I can safely say summer is over here in Amsterdam I thought I would show you my last summer outfit. I was running to a lunch with a friend and thought I would try and go bare legged and of course I judged the weather wrong and was freezing.

Here is a new favourite skirt for fall, I love the shape and of course the Metallic skirt is perfect for winter to add some colour to my usual darker outfits. I am already imagining I will wear it with my new knee high boots that I got from the HM Paris collection. I actually rushed to buy them when they went on sale last week. I had been dreaming about them since I saw them on the catwalk in February. The funniest part, I actually put fashion before safety and rode my broken bike to HM to buy the boots and decided to fix my bike on the way home! As the weather is already changing and I am heading back to Dubai I hope I can show you some fall looks before the sunny weather will strike my wardrobe again.

What I Wore: Top HM (many seasons ago), Skirt: ASOS, Jewellery: MADE, By Sophie, Sophie’s closet, Bag: HM

Hope your having a great weekend!

Ciao for now



NyhavnSail boatArt in CPHfurniturebreakfast

Change of gaurdlovemeDamageHey guys, I think you may have noticed this week on the blog I have gone a bit Danish crazy. I promise this is my last Denmark post until next Fashion Week but, then expect the same. Aside from one of home cities; Amsterdam I must say that Copenhagen has always had a special place in my heart and I could easily live there. I was ranting on the phone when I arrived to a friend about how great everything looks in Copenhagen and that includes but, is not limited too; Architecture, Fashion, People, Parks oh ok, just Everything. So, aside from me checking out the latest fashions coming out of the stylish Scandinavia I always love to catch up with my friends in Copenhagen and try and see as much as the city as I can through a local’s eye.

Above I have included the must-see’s of the city from the beautiful harbour where you can see the wonderful Danish design of the Copenhagen Opera House to the amazing ships that are in the harbour including the Royal Yacht, sadly I didn’t get a picture of this but, I can tell you its a truly beautiful boat. Since HRH joined the Royal Family there has been a reason to keep a close gossip watch on the Danish Royal Family and I am sure my friend Anne-Dorothe can tell you how I went Royal crazy by sprinting across the park to get a video clip of the Change of the Guard band you can see the clip here on my instagram.

When in Copenhagen I always go to my favourite cafe not once but several times and this time was no different, I had dinner there and two breakfasts. I am sure the picture of breakfast above is making your mouth water and your already clicking for a ticket to CPH. If you do make it to the Danish capital then head to the lakes take a walk and then go to Cafe Dag H. You won’t be disappointed because not only is the food awesome but, so is the people watching.

After a hearty breakfast then just walk around the city I suggest heading to the Rosenborg Castle Gardens which have to be some of the most manicured urban gardens I have ever seen, the castle in the gardens holds the Queen’s jewels and is a a spectacular building itself and looks like something from a fairy tale.

Then head to the shopping area and just wonder in-and-out of the shops where you will not only see beautiful clothes but also beautiful furniture, I fell in love with the 1950’s inspired corner in a furniture store of course, made by the wonderful designer Arne Jacobsen. Drop into the small art gallery’s and see something that catches your eye. After all this window shopping or credit card bashing then go to Nyhavn with all the tourists, and if this is your first visit to Copenhagen to the boat tour too (only in good weather).

Aside from everything you can see around town the Danes are super great people with a fabulous sense of humour as you can see from the bill I received at the wonderful Sushi restaurant Umami . If you like Sushi this is a must eat place, great interiors, excellent service and to die-for sushi. Eat up and then go to the Union cocktail bar and then get ready to party the night away in true Danish fun style and trust me there will be Damage!

Have you been to CPH then drop your tips in the comments

Ciao for now xx

P.S What I wore: Jacket Maje, T-shirt: Gap, Jeans: Acne, Clutch: HM Nederland

P.P.S What I Wore: Peplum top: HM Nederland, Jeans: Rag and Bone Jeans, Shoes Zara seen here and here

In the Suitcase


Hello All, I am sorry there has been some delay in a post but, for some reason my WordPress and I have not been getting along and its been impossible to get these posts too you. Stay tuned this week and hopefully I will have some good posts coming up for you.

Today is all about what has been in my suitcase, as you can imagine going back and forth these recent months between Dubai and Amsterdam has meant living out of a suitcase and so I have decided to spend some more time here in Amsterdam the next couple of months with a few other trips in-between. So, my first trip coming up is Mediterranean so I am looking forward to posting a few pics from sunny sea.Before that, here is essential holiday items for me, as I’m sure you can all appreciate its always difficult packing light but usually I manage to keep my suitcase to a nice 10kg 😉

Top Picture: Left to Right

Beach dress: DIY

LBD: Sandro

Skort: Zara

T-shirt: Gap

Dress: Matthew Willamson

Shorts: Maje

Shirt: Scotch and Soda

Middle Picture Left to Right

Top: Massimo Dutti

T-shirt: Sandro

T-shirt HM Nederland

Bag: Shop in Athens

Whats your favourite items to take in your suitcase?

Ciao for now xx

In the Park


Hey All, Here is my first style posts from Amsterdam. I am hoping to share more of my looks from Amsterdam over the summer but, I am actually not going to be there much ,,,, again. Well one of my favourite places to go to meetings and spend time in a park is Westergasfabriek. This week Amsterdam Fashion Week is taking place at Westergasfabriek and I am loving all the catwalk shows so far with some really original and unique designs.  The most difficult thing about dressing in Amsterdam is that you never know what the weather is going to bring and riding around on my bike often poses footwear issues!

For this first look I wore: Scarf: Mille Rostock, Top: HM Nederland, Jeans: Paige Denim, Trainers: Nike, Bag: Balenciaga


This second look was for an hanging out at Toko MC at the Westergasfabriek. The sun was shining and I felt like suddenly wearing lighter colours for the light evenings. Being in Dubai over summer means I always miss the light till 10pm so was happy to ride my bike in late evening without lights!

What I Wore: Jacket: Maje, Top: Forever 21, Jeans: IRO, Trainers: Nike, Bag: Balenciaga

Do you enjoy light late nights in Europe?

Ciao for now xx

Pictures by Mike Godlieb

Travel Thursday #2 ….. Milan

Milan is a place dear to my heart and so I thought I should share one of the trips I made there with my family and there will be a follow up post on our time in Lake Como too. I have visited Milan a few times and even considered living there once upon a time. As many times as you return to Milan there is always something new to discover. Arguably Milan is one of the best design cities in Southern Europe so that of course mean it stays fresh and is always changing but the spirit of Milan is forever the same. The architecture of course, is traditional Italian with beautiful buildings and Piazza’s and is home to the world famous Duomo Catherdral. If you are in Milan this is an absolute must-see as architecture is truly amazing and the atmosphere gives you a calm serenity, go inside to leave the world behind for an hour or so, Ladies and Gentleman remember to dress modestly or you won’t be getting in.

After the Duomo do something ultra tourist-like and grab a cold beer or refreshing drink on the Piazza and watch people go by. If your like my family and I this takes at least 3 hours! After you are calm, serene and refreshed head into Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle to see the beautiful shops of Prada, Gucci and see what catches your eye. If your looking for more shopping then head over to the Quadrilatero d’Oro (rechtangle of gold) for all your heart desires.

Of course, whenever you visit Italy food is always high on the agenda and the great thing about Milan is that all regional dishes can be found in the city; whether its creamy pasta or naples renowned pizza everything is available. When I m in Milan I love to head toward the canals (why do you think I live in Amsterdam) in the Navigili district, just stroll round the neighbourhood and stop and start by visiting the many cafe’s and bars. They also seem to have an agreement amongst many of the establishments to stagger their happy hours on the food and drinks! In the Lombardy area rice was actually more popular than pasta so I recommend trying risotto while in Milan with all the different flavours. Since we are on the topic of food we must talk Gelato, I am loyal to Stracciataella and I am told that the best is at Massimo Del Gelato which is home to many flavours (in case you want something different), if you go after dinner expect to Que..

After all your exploring of Milan if your body is feeling like it needs a perk and to be a little bit pampered then head to Bvlgari hotel and enjoy the beautiful Spa (you can also visit the tropical gardens before hand which are in the neighbourhood). Go early to your treatment to enjoy the gorgeous Hammam your appointment and most of the time you are the only one there giving a sense of complete tranquility!

Milan DoumoDSCN6057IMG_1340DSCN6137Canals of Milan

I hope this has given you a taste of what Milan has to offer.

I wore; Jeans: Acne, Top: HM Nederland, Shoes:Oasis, Sunglasses: D&G, Bag:Jimmy Choo

If you have been to Milan what were your favourite things?

Ciao for now xx

P.S I got there by KLM but most airlines fly daily to both Airports. There is plenty of hotel choice too.

I have been wanting to check out the Jumeriah Zabeel Saray for a long time. Look out for a follow up post about what I thought about the hotel ambience and architecture. Below you can see that we spent late afternoon having tea and left early evening.20130318-200129.jpg

Vintage Bag20130318-200244.jpg

20130318-200451.jpgSkirt:Zara Top: HM Nederlands Bag: Vintage Flipflops: Haviana’s (seen here and here).

I love this blue skirt and loved teaming it with a white top and flip flops to give it a light spring, causal look. Hope you liked it. xx