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Alexander-Wang-Spring-2014-Handbags-2LFW has started and I have finally got round to finding all my favourite looks from NYFW which I will share with you over the weekend. First, some arm candy from my favourite show; Alexander Wang. I loved the entire collection I feel like I m constantly a stuck record as I just keep going on about it but, I just was and am infatuated.

The soft pastels reminded me of childhood summers and cotton candy and so since I am now at the age I have to look after my teeth I will happily swap cotton candy for Arm Candy in the form of this gorgeous Alexander Wang clutch. I think it will look perfect with a sherbet colour outfit or all white.

Happy Friday all and have an awesome evening xx

P.S I also loved all the branding and details at Alexander Wang show.


Trending Tuesday #12 Kids at NYFW

tumblr_msssdrPd4u1rqmldyo1_500WAN_1819.450x675Hey loves, NYFW has been in full swing for the last couple of days now and whilst the designers are competing for the best critiques and street-style pictures are now as important as the models looks from the catwalks, it seems there is also a new trend in town …….. super dressed kids. Ok, I think we can all agree there is no way Aila Wang would not be on best dressed list but, a look that is directly from SS14 how cooler could she be? I also love how she is also sporting a Balenciaga bag ….. how supportive of her Uncle’s work!  Of course, as I already blogged about the other day at Victoria Beckham all eyes were on Sir David Beckham and little Harper even caught the eye of the fashion queen herself…. click here to find out who I m talking about!

I love nearly everything Mr. Wang creates although, I am still a little skeptical on his Balenciaga work however, I have no doubt that SS 14 in Paris will wow me. I am such a fan that the other day I was out for dinner with a girlfriend here in Amsterdam and she was discussing with me that she wanted to buy a new handbag and was thinking of going designer and I said “definitely Alexander Wang”. No hesitation in that recommendation”

Alexander Wang is right to put a Parental Advisory notice on his clothes, I need my parents to make sure my credit card doesn’t burn up when his SS 14 line goes on sale ….. I LOVED EVERYTHING!

What do you think of the little fashionista’s at NYFW …… I think they are adorable.

Ciao for Now xx

Wintour Smiles

BTpsk-oCMAAqbrmHey loves,  Yes, its NYFW and I have been watching carefully all weekend at the shows but, before NYFW even closes I think we can all agree this is the best look ….. Ever. Whilst all eyes are usually on models and catwalk this morning at Victoria Beckham it was all about the FrontRow. The most Stylish man, with a beautiful daughter sitting next to the powerhouse of fashion! Here is the breaking news …. Anna Wintour smiles! Who knows what she thinks of Victoria Beckham’s SS 14 show but, one thing is for sure she clearly has a soft spot for Harper Beckham or maybe its David 😉

Do you love this photo too?

Ciao for Now

Picture, Courtesy of Victoria Beckham on Twitter.


InvitationstreetWIWIron girlMini Fashion girlVogue NLmodelgoodbyeHey All, So last night was probably one of the hottest days we have had in Amsterdam this summer and to top it off it was also Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. The pictures are a snap shot of all the funny happenings from the PC Hoofstraat and Bijenkorf. I wanted to bring you a mini video today but, Murphy’s Law means my video editing is just not working for me today!

For me, the most fun thing about fashion events or indeed fashion weeks is of course, the people watching and last night didn’t disappoint. I think I said to at least 3 people last night I couldn’t believe how dressed up the Dutch girls were, if you have ever been to Holland you will understand this is a rarity! Dutch readers, I mean no offence but, compared to other countries you tend to be the most dressed-down and over layered! However, last night I saw fashionista’s, Hipsters, Beautiful Girls and was blown away by the style on most of the girls. Hopefully, this a new Dutch style and its here to stay.

Talking of style stay tuned to the blog for the coming weeks for my favourite looks straight from the catwalks to the blog!

What I Wore (sorry no live pic): Top: HM, Skort: Zara, Bag:HM Jewellery: Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Tiffany & Co and By Sophie. 

Do you love people watching?

Ciao for Now xx

Trending Tuesday #10 Healthkick

strawberriesWorkingJewellery cuttingblueberriesfinished

Fruit Infused Water

Hey Guys, so I am currently trying to eat/drink good and that is starting my day with fruit infused waters. I thought I would share with you some photos of my colourful waters from my kitchen. I have never been a big water drinker even when I was living in Dubai. Well, I have now found a way to stomach water with a little bit of sweetness to satisfy my sweet tooth. If you follow me on Instagram (sojustnice) you would have seen that I was making fresh juice every morning while I was in Dubai. In Amsterdam I don’t have a juice machine so I can say that the waters are a kind of substitute and if you leave them to infuse over night they are delicious in the morning.

What you’ll need:

Jam Jars

Fruit of your choice 


Just cut the fruit up, add it to the jar and fill with water then put the lids of the jars and leave in your fridge overnight and your done. Its truly not more complicated than that.

What I Wore: Jumper: French Connection, Necklace: Tiffany & Co, Bracelets: By Sophie, Tiffany & Co and Lijnbaangracht Market, Amsterdam

Have you tried Fruit Infused waters?

Ciao for now xx

Meet Elaine

ElaineElaine Ching spent a part of her childhood as an expat in Taiwan and now lives in Amsterdam, quite different from each other but in some way her new store Trunk V is all about merging the two.

Living in Taiwan Elaine had early exposure to the Asian Fashion scene through her fashion bibles that were actually in a language she couldn’t understand; Japanese. However, I think many readers here can associate with reading or should I say “flicking” through fashion magazines that you can not comprehend in your own language but, at the same time you have a complete understanding of what the fashion in those pages are communicating to you. This is where Elaine realised that Asian Fashion was definitely an industry that was fun, quirky but, also would have to be taken seriously.

As I have talked about before here on the blog that one of my favourite things when I travel is to buy key, unique pieces to bring back home with me. Well this concept is what Trunk V is all about. Elaine was searching for unique pieces for herself and found she was constantly buying good quality, individual clothes to bring back to Holland on her trips to Asia. Well that personal buying soon became her business as she went on trips to Asia and was filling up her trunk and bringing it back to Amsterdam. The picture below is just an example of the individual pieces you can find at Trunk V right now and note its all limited collections so once its sold its gone!

Trunk V 1

The explanation of the V in the name is fantastic and one everyone can understand or perhaps has been intrigued by. You may or may not have noticed that Asian’s often make a V sign or the peace sign when taking pictures …. well since its so fashionable right now why not put it in the name of a fashion store to well “jazz it up”

Since the conception of Trunk V the business has been growing from strength-to-strength whilst the concept started online Elaine opened her first Bricks and Mortar store in the form of a pop-up store on the Zeedijk in Amsterdam. Since Trunk V has been open over a month ago Elaine has had to place more orders from her suppliers in Asia as apparently she wasn’t the only one who was looking for unique, individual clothes in Amsterdam … tourists and residents alike needed to have something that their friends and colleagues wouldn’t be wearing.

Trunk V-proc

I asked Elaine how she thinks travel has influenced her fashion style and she like many other of the people I interviewed have said that seeing what others are wearing in different environments can often give you the confidence to try new styles that your eyes suddenly see and this would have only been possible because of traveling.

Elaine asked me to take a photo of the dress below as it was a style that was Vintage. When her grandmother was first in Holland she would make these “shift” dress designs and have the sequins sent to her from China so she could create these beautiful hand embroidery dresses, and it was her grandmothers style that kick-started Elaine’s love of fashion.

Trunk V 7

So its Saturday and if your in Amsterdam and have a party or dinner to go to then I suggest making a bee-line for Trunk V to find a unique outfit that you can guarantee your friends won’t have and that will be classic enough but, also so in fashion right now and that for me is what makes the styles at Trunk V special and absolute must-have’s. If your not in the city or are a reader from further-a-field then have no fear you can also shop on line. Here is my favourite outfit for this weekend.

Trunk V 3

One thing is for sure, Asian fashion is here to stay and will continue to make its growth on the international fashion market and if your in Holland then Trunk V is the place to go to get your hands on the best of what you can find right now in Asia (without having to suffer the Jetlag, Elaine does that for you). Find Trunk V at Zeedijk 60 and they are open 7 days a week. If you can’t get to the pop-up then shop online here.

What do you think of Asian fashion scene?

Ciao for now xx

Summer essentials


As you can all see from the blog I have been busy going back and forth between Dubai and Amsterdam but also traveling as and when required. I often don’t have long in one place and therefore try to pack as light as possible and you can see what is in my suitcase right now here on the blog.

My other essentials are my beauty products currently making the cut. I recently received Wolford hand cream which is super nourishing and great for post flight. Of course if your in the sun sunscreen is essential and I am a big fan of Hawaiian Tropic. I also always find my lips get cracked after flying so kiehls lip balm saves the day. As I like to see as much as possible when I m away I love the wallpaper guides because they have all the information in a lightweight little book which easily fits in a clutch bag for when your wondering the city.

What’s your essentials?

Ciao for now xx