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Trending Tuesday #5 Chanel

Chanel FavouritesChanel FavouriteFROW at ChanelHere is another post of my favourite looks from Couture week and this time its Chanel including the FROW. Karl Lagerfeld is the master of fashion shows, they are always extravagant and of course the clothes; exquisite! Check the pictures above to see my favourite looks. I love big belts, always have, and now Karl has introduced a variation to belts in the waist and dropped them sitting on the hip. So, as you can see above Karl Lagerfeld is bringing the belts back to give women a strong accessory to the outfits and if the belts aren’t enough why don’t you turn the collar up as well and make your presence known and felt.

My absolute favourite design was the middle picture above …. I just love the sleeves and colour. Stamped onto my wishlist.

As for the FROW I always loving Alexa Chung’s lace Chanel and I must confess I am not her biggest fan. But, my favourite look was from Rihanna which again I am definitely not a fan of as I think she can be rather vulgar but I just loved the draping of her white long cardigan and the beautiful Chanel pearls, it was edgy a la Rihanna but, with an add of sophistication from the pearls.

What do you think of Alexa and Rihanna?

Ciao for now xx

P.S Pictures from Style.com


Chanel Cruise (CC)

Karl Lagerfeld had his loyal followers come all way to Singapore this week which is really bringing Western brands all the way East. Chanel showcased its Cruise collection in Singapore and although the collection wasn’t inspired by the city there were hints of the showcase country. I think everyone will agree it was¬†worth the journey! I m loving most of the looks and the intricate details that have gone into the ensembles is of course Karl’s stamp on classic but cutting edge Chanel. I used to play cricket and trust me, my kit did not look like this but it has definitely sparked the fire for my love of the game again. I hate his/hers but if I saw a couple decked out in Chanel I might forgive them. I think I ve gone Chanel crazy this week, maybe that’s what the double CC is for ūüėČCHANEL_030_1366.450x675CHANEL_054_1366.450x675CHANEL_006_1366.450x675CHANEL_042_1366.450x675CCCHANEL_081_1366.450x675

Do you like Cruise Collections and do you buy into them?

Ciao for now xx

Little Black Jacket

Something exciting has been happening Downtown in Dubai! While I was back in Amsterdam celebrating us having a new King which I blogged about Dubai was having the best party for the opening of a Chanel exhibition. As I’m sure you have already read about this on other’s blogs this is just a little bit of an elbow in the side or a kick up the a*$& to say get yourselves down to the Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd ASAP to catch the last view days of this exhibition.

Like many of you I am a die-hard fan of Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld’s work. The man is nothing but a genius and he is so clever to protect the style ethos of the house that Coco Chanel spent years cultivating. However, although Chanel designs can arguably ¬† be classics Karl Lagerfeld makes them so current. I believe one of the keys to his success is that he understands you need to stay present and at the same time look to the future as fashion is always 6 months ahead of us at least. With this in mind I think the Little Black Jacket exhibition was the epitome of classic Chanel Style but showing its adaptability to today’s global world. On planet earth today we live in such a connected world where celebrities every move is watched and the desire to be successful is on every continent. As you can imagine there was not much that could go wrong with Karl Lagerfeld behind the lens and styling by Carine Roitfeld. Every individual from SJP to Yoko One and the unknown Artist that was photographed for this exhibition was different and diverse and I think this was the statement of the photos; Any one can wear a Chanel Little Black Jacket and it will give you some kind of magical confidence.

The exhibition is on Downtown until 11th May ….. catch it while you can. See a sneak peak of the behind the scenes video

Little Black Jacket

The ExhibitionA snap shot of the photos by Karl Lagerfeld at the LBJ exhibitionYoko OnoYoko OnoThe exhibition bookThe book carrying all the photos ….. utterly gorgeous and classically Chanel!

What do you love about Chanel?

Ciao for now xx

P.S Photos in exhibition Karl Lagerfeld. Others by Lynn Farrag