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Meet Futtaim and Faye

Faye_and_FuttaimI am so happy to finally get round to introducing the wonderful Futtaim and Faye. As I mentioned in a previous post Dubai has matured and with this new city comes lots of new and exciting concepts. Well Faye and Futtaim are two of those people who are at the fore front and one might say, pioneers of a fashion cultural wave; they are the founders of The Butik! This is one of the most interesting fashion concepts I have come across in a LONG while.

I stumbled across The Butik on Instagram. As I tracked Faye and Futtaim going around Seoul picking up cutting edge designers I knew I had to meet these girls. My luck came when I saw they were having a pop up shop at The Magazine shop in DIFC. I went a long, wanted to buy nearly every piece and managed to pin the girls down for an interview.

I can not really share too much of the interview as we ended up just clicking with so much in common and so an interview that should have lasted 2 hours…… Max, ended up as a 4 hour chat including an impromptu dinner. If you were to visit their studio to browse the collections you would immediately realize how relaxing it is there. Set within the grounds of the girls residence, the studio was custom designed and constructed to reflect their taste towards the clean-cut but aesthetically pleasing.


The girls established The Butik in February 2013 and have already been causing a stir in the fashion scene in GCC. The Butik is a Dubai based online fashion retailer but, here comes the difference; Its packed with high-end unique products from all around the world. In addition to the amazing products Faye and Futtaim also made sure The Butik online is a site that makes you want to linger ( a lot like visiting their studio). Through their editorial section under the name of “Journal” they impart their style and travel knowledge to their dedicated and ever-growing fans! Faye says “Fashion is not a mere industry; it’s an art form, its culture and we aim to highlight this and explore fashion in this light one city at a time”.

The Butik first went to Macedonia to source their first collection of cutting edge designer brands. Macedonia would have not even been on my fashion mind had I not seen the wonderful pieces being created in from this small Mediterranean country. That is exactly why I love this concept because these girls really know what style is ….. to me as a person who loves to travel I have always enjoyed trawling small shops and adding unique pieces to my ever busting wardrobe that demonstrates my international style. Now I can browse the designers of countries I haven’t been lucky enough to visit yet right from my laptop! Now my wardrobe can have a piece of Macedonia in there without leaving my home. Their next stop was Seoul ….. let me tell you that South Korean style is amazing! Just visit butik.ae and fall in love just as I did.


I am guessing that by now you can probably tell I m in love with The Butik and wonderful founders to bringing one of the best unique concepts to our front rooms, boring desk jobs and for shopping on the move. Aside from the wonderful fashion that you can browse on the site. You also have the opportunity to travel with the girls and get an insight into the designer brands. Therefore, to me The Butik is about style and mostly importantly design. Faye and Futtaim have an eye that is so unique its hard for them to say what their style is. The girls said “Travel is important because it gives you a chance to explore the ins and outs of each city and experience their way of life, their food, their art, their history as well as the current trends of course and fashion. Each city has its own charm and by exploring we appreciate every little detail and understand how its reflected in their fashion”

Art is also an important part of The Butik culture and they demonstrate this not only in their editorial content online but also how they display the clothes. Both in the studio and at the pop-up store they merchandised the garments on a orginally designed, custom-built art installation architectural structure.  I think the girls could actually export this concept as it is one of the best ways I have seen clothes and especially dresses displayed. You guys can see below but if you’re in Dubai I would highly recommend going to see this for yourself at the studio or catch their up coming pop-up in the autumn.


Faye and Futtaim have now started their own blog where they curate content that inspires them. I think this is why The Butik is so different and unusual because both girls take in everything around them and want to share all those things. Futtaim says “By exploring, we aim to be a platform by bringing key collection concepts that we think will be appreciated here in the GCC and introduce new ideas and fashion to our audience and therefore bridging east and west”.


My advice to you all is check out The Butik, save it in your bookmarks because this is a concept you want to keep up with and when you’re looking for something unusual and different that you don’t need to rob a bank for, this is the place to “add to your cart”. If you are able to visit the studio then do so, meet the girls let them share their enthusiasm with you and tell you all their great stories.

What do you like to buy when you travel?

Ciao for now xx