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Hey all who have been reading and following my blog, thank you because of course I like to put content out there that hopefully you all find interesting. I just thought I would remind you that I have not been neglecting the blog but now only put posts on sojustnice.com so come on over and sign up! Alternatively sign up and follow me on bloglovin, ……. come on its Sunday you know you want too! 

Thanks all and if you want me to check out your blog leave a comment on sojustnice.com ……. XO 



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To all my lovely readers.

I am now self hosting my blog and therefore if you want to continue following me you can come and visit Sojustnice.com and sign up and follow me via bloglovin for those of you that are on that wonderful site.

Also once you have come to visit I would really appreciate all your comments about the new look site. As per usual I will be postinng on design, fashion and travel! Of course, as I try out new receipes and restaurants I will throw in some food posts too.

Look forward to you all visiting …..

Ciao for Now xx