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To all my lovely readers.

I am now self hosting my blog and therefore if you want to continue following me you can come and visit Sojustnice.com and sign up and follow me via bloglovin for those of you that are on that wonderful site.

Also once you have come to visit I would really appreciate all your comments about the new look site. As per usual I will be postinng on design, fashion and travel! Of course, as I try out new receipes and restaurants I will throw in some food posts too.

Look forward to you all visiting …..

Ciao for Now xx


Searching Shoes

IMG_4080So I ‘m in love with both these styles of shoes. Unfortunatley I have odd shaped feet and I m always between a 6 – 6.5 or 36.5- 37 so it often means I miss out on shoes I want because I can never get them to fit. I found these gorgeous Alexander Wang’s the other day but the 37 didn’t fit and they didn’t have them in 36.5 (frustrating)! If you see either of these pairs in 36.5 please let me know I WANT them!

IMG_4074Here are my new DVF shoes …. I love them. I have been looking for perfect courts and now I’ve found them. Dubai Mall has opened the Level Shoe district and its shoes, shoes, shoes! These gorgeous pair of DVF’s are super comfortable and they look great. I am wearing them with everything these days and I am looking forward to sharing looks with you soon featuring my lovelies.


Do you have the same issues as me finding shoes that fit just right?

Ciao for now xx

Tune for Tuesday

I have been playing this tune non-stop and I m so happy Daft Punk are back in my life again! Of course, it’s not just this one track but the whole Album that is awesome.

I don’t know about you but whenever I need a pick me up I feel music always helps. I’m super busy these days (lots of exciting things coming up) so Daft Punk is on in the background to keep me going.

Do you like this tune?

Ciao for now xx

Chanel Cruise (CC)

Karl Lagerfeld had his loyal followers come all way to Singapore this week which is really bringing Western brands all the way East. Chanel showcased its Cruise collection in Singapore and although the collection wasn’t inspired by the city there were hints of the showcase country. I think everyone will agree it was¬†worth the journey! I m loving most of the looks and the intricate details that have gone into the ensembles is of course Karl’s stamp on classic but cutting edge Chanel. I used to play cricket and trust me, my kit did not look like this but it has definitely sparked the fire for my love of the game again. I hate his/hers but if I saw a couple decked out in Chanel I might forgive them. I think I ve gone Chanel crazy this week, maybe that’s what the double CC is for ūüėČCHANEL_030_1366.450x675CHANEL_054_1366.450x675CHANEL_006_1366.450x675CHANEL_042_1366.450x675CCCHANEL_081_1366.450x675

Do you like Cruise Collections and do you buy into them?

Ciao for now xx

Travel Thursday #2 ….. Milan

Milan is a place dear to my heart and so I thought I should share one of the trips I made there with my family and there will be a follow up post on our time in Lake Como too. I have visited Milan a few times and even considered living there once upon a time. As many times as you return to Milan there is always something new to discover. Arguably Milan is one of the best design cities in Southern Europe so that of course mean it stays fresh and is always changing but the spirit of Milan is forever the same. The architecture of course, is traditional Italian with beautiful buildings and Piazza’s and is home to the world famous Duomo Catherdral. If you are in Milan this is an absolute must-see as architecture is truly amazing and the atmosphere gives you a calm serenity, go inside to leave the world behind for an hour or so, Ladies and Gentleman remember to dress modestly or you won’t be getting in.

After the Duomo do something ultra tourist-like and grab a cold beer or refreshing drink on the Piazza and watch people go by. If your like my family and I this takes at least 3 hours! After you are calm, serene and refreshed head into Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle to see the beautiful shops of Prada, Gucci and see what catches your eye. If your looking for more shopping then head over to the¬†Quadrilatero d’Oro (rechtangle of gold) for all your heart desires.

Of course, whenever you visit Italy food is always high on the agenda and the great thing about Milan is that all regional dishes can be found in the city; whether its creamy pasta or naples renowned pizza everything is available. When I m in Milan I love to head toward the canals (why do you think I live in Amsterdam) in the Navigili district, just stroll round the neighbourhood and stop and start by visiting the many cafe’s and bars. They also seem to have an agreement amongst many of the establishments to stagger their happy hours on the food and drinks! In the Lombardy area rice was actually more popular than pasta so I recommend trying risotto while in Milan with all the different flavours. Since we are on the topic of food we must talk Gelato, I am loyal to Stracciataella and I am told that the best is at Massimo Del Gelato which is home to many flavours (in case you want something different), if you go after dinner expect to Que..

After all your exploring of Milan if your body is feeling like it needs a perk and to be a little bit pampered then head to Bvlgari hotel and enjoy the beautiful Spa (you can also visit the tropical gardens before hand which are in the neighbourhood). Go early to your treatment to enjoy the gorgeous Hammam your appointment and most of the time you are the only one there giving a sense of complete tranquility!

Milan DoumoDSCN6057IMG_1340DSCN6137Canals of Milan

I hope this has given you a taste of what Milan has to offer.

I wore; Jeans: Acne, Top: HM Nederland, Shoes:Oasis, Sunglasses: D&G, Bag:Jimmy Choo

If you have been to Milan what were your favourite things?

Ciao for now xx

P.S I got there by KLM but most airlines fly daily to both Airports. There is plenty of hotel choice too.

Little Black Jacket Exhibition

Hello World, I wrote about the wonderful exhibition I went to for Chanel’s Little Black Jacket. I thought I would also show you my outfit of the day. I had many errands to run that day and it was a busy day finished off perfectly by some peace and quiet and brilliant photography from Mr. karl LagerfeldLittle Black Jacket Exhibition

IMG_5104What I WoreTrousers: Massimo Dutti, Top: American Apparel, Shoes: Diane Von Furstenberg, Necklace: Vintage find in Amsterdam, Bag: Papayai from Bloomingdales Dubai

I love simple black and white for my classics and think this style transcends trends and is perfect for where ever you might be in the world.

What do you wear on your admin days?

Ciao for now xx

P.S Check out the Chanel you tube channel for Karl Lagerfeld’s new short film

Little Black Jacket

Something exciting has been happening Downtown in Dubai! While I was back in Amsterdam celebrating us having a new King which I blogged about Dubai was having the best party for the opening of a Chanel exhibition. As I’m sure you have already read about this on other’s blogs this is just a little bit of an elbow in the side or a kick up the a*$& to say get yourselves down to the Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd ASAP to catch the last view days of this exhibition.

Like many of you I am a die-hard fan of Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld’s work. The man is nothing but a genius and he is so clever to protect the style ethos of the house that Coco Chanel spent years cultivating. However, although Chanel designs can arguably ¬† be classics Karl Lagerfeld makes them so current. I believe one of the keys to his success is that he understands you need to stay present and at the same time look to the future as fashion is always 6 months ahead of us at least. With this in mind I think the Little Black Jacket exhibition was the epitome of classic Chanel Style but showing its adaptability to today’s global world. On planet earth today we live in such a connected world where celebrities every move is watched and the desire to be successful is on every continent. As you can imagine there was not much that could go wrong with Karl Lagerfeld behind the lens and styling by Carine Roitfeld. Every individual from SJP to Yoko One and the unknown Artist that was photographed for this exhibition was different and diverse and I think this was the statement of the photos; Any one can wear a Chanel Little Black Jacket and it will give you some kind of magical confidence.

The exhibition is on Downtown until 11th May ….. catch it while you can. See a sneak peak of the behind the scenes video

Little Black Jacket

The ExhibitionA snap shot of the photos by Karl Lagerfeld at the LBJ exhibitionYoko OnoYoko OnoThe exhibition bookThe book carrying all the photos ….. utterly gorgeous and classically Chanel!

What do you love about Chanel?

Ciao for now xx

P.S Photos in exhibition Karl Lagerfeld. Others by Lynn Farrag