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Trending Tuesday #8 Ramadan

IMG_5762IMG_5737DSC_1027IMG_5766DSC_1044IMG_5785IMG_5828Hey All, Before Ramadan ends this week I wanted to just tell you all about my first weeks of Ramadan in Dubai. As this blog talks a lot about East and West, this is the one thing I wanted to share with my readers in the Western part of the world. Before I moved to Dubai I had never experienced Ramadan in a Middle Eastern country. Well, my first Ramadan was in winter of Dubai and was actually quite cold in the evenings much different to this time round. It was extremely hot and I was in awe of my friends and family who were fasting in heats of 40-45oc for long hours. Aside from the fasting, Muslims who are participating in Ramadan are able to spend more time with family and friends as well as spend time in prayer and deepening their spiritual enlightenment. For me, in a household where one member of the family is fasting; my Dad, its a time for us to admire his strength during this challenging month and to spend time with friends and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Ramadan. Dad and I were actually home alone together so I enjoyed cooking for Dad and friends, my key dish this Ramadan and a cooking challenge was Lamb Tagine receipe is here, I hear everyone enjoyed the food…… phew! I also spent time catching up on emails that were long over due and reading my magazines out by the pool in the evenings.

The pictures above show some highlights of Ramadan tents in the One and Only Royal Mirage in Dubai (my favourite hotel as you know from here). One of the favourite things to do in the evenings is to meet with friends at the many tents around the city. My favourite tent was and is always the one at Royal Mirage, gorgeous tent colours with wonderful music and of course the best highlight, Shisha. You can see the from the photos the wonderful tent that has been up at the Royal Mirage and if your in Dubai I can highly advise visiting this gorgeous tent.

Another favourite thing we enjoyed this Ramadan was Freej, I wrote all about the wonderful creative mind behind Freej earlier in Ramadan and I can tell you that the latest series was just amazing with fantastic animation and carefully selected stories for each episode. Once the series is released on DVD with subtitles I’ll be sure to let you know.

As we have reached the end of Ramadan the shopping craziness begins with people buying gifts and new clothes, so on that fashion note here are my go to places for your shopping:

Malaak: For your beautifully designed Abaya, Kaftan and Turban essentials

Liliaya: Their online store currently has some of their wonderful pieces on sale

OTT: Gorgeous Kaftans and items for home are now for sale in selected boutiques

Butik.ae: The Butik is the go-to place for gorgeous one-off pieces

S*uce Gifts have a great money pouch for you to keep all your Eid money in or to gift to another

I hope this has given you all an insight into the wonderful atmosphere that Ramadan creates of spending time with love ones and sending gifts to those that you may not see often but, still are dear enough to you to think of at the special time of year. As I sign off I hope you have all had a wonderful Ramadan and Eid Mubarak to you for the end of the week.

What do you think is special about Ramadan?

Ciao for now


Habibi West Coast




Hey Guys and Gals, these photos were taken on the gorgeous beach in Santa Barbara during my road trip from Los Angeles on California Highway 1. Of course, when your road tripping you want to be in something that you can just hop out onto beach stops in, especially when your driving! Here was my outfit for the first day on the road, I love this t-shirt and I have been waiting to share this t-shirt on a style post for a while. I am sure you have all seen the “Homies, South Central” t-shirts, well now you can see the Dubai version including camels and the Burj Khalifa …… “Habibi Dubai” Head to S*uce to buy yours and choose from 3 different colours.

T-shirt: S*uce Dubai, Shorts: Zara, Sandals: Istanbul Bazaar, Turkey, Cap: Personalised in Santa Monica LA,

Phone Case: Cliche at De Bijenkorf, Amsterdam

Hope you like the outfit!

Ciao for now xx

East but West OTT


Above I m wearing: Top: Gap, Trousers: Zara, Shoes, Zara, Bag: OTT Jewellery: OTT

I loved how the silk screen bag really made the denim more fun!


Hello lovely people, yesterday I introduced you to the wonderful brand OTT. As promised here is the photo shoot January and I put together after we fell dramatically in love with every pieces from OTT. We had difficulty narrowing it down to the ones we would show you. However, here are the pictures of the beautiful designs and I m sure you agree that they make you want to wrap yourself up in the beautiful fabrics and wear bright colours and maybe step out of your style comfort zone. I think everyone needs some OTT in their lives to make them bright and fabulous.

The design above is a inspired by the Japanese Kimono and the Morrocan Jalabiya and I think you’ll agree the outcome is fabulous!

Which one was your favourite?

Ciao for now xx

P.S The photos were shot at the Palace hotel Downtown Dubai


Meet OTT

Ladies and Gentleman, I have been waiting to make this post for a while but traveling and everyday life has slowed by blogging down but now I m back and here to hit you with a visual punch. Today’s post is all about the wonderful OTT designer brand that originated in Dubai but has cast its colourful lines around the globe.  The genius duo behind the brand stay anonymous so that the fans of OTT are truly fans of the products, and as you can see from the pictures below that’s not hard to become (I’m a convert).

The ethos of the brand has remained since its establishment in 2005 in London after one of the dynamic duo had been to Central Saint Martins and quite soon after they came back to their home hub of Dubai. They have remained underground since their beginning and they are not participating in the fashion weeks that are happening in and around the Middle East. OTT say they don’t create show pieces but, they are designing for their customers and I believe that it is this ethos that keeps their gorgeous pieces beautiful . I can honestly say there wasn’t one piece that was shown to myself and January where we didn’t fall head over heels.

At their first fashion week in Germany which they won a competition to participate in they had come with their bright colours and everything else around them was black. So the following year they toned down their colours to try and fit in, but then they realised that Germany was not the place for them. The next stop was Paris and this was where OTT had found their customer. For budding designers the advice from OTT is trial and error but ultimately its your product and focus.

The great thing about OTT is their products, when you touch the clothes the fabrics feels wonderful   and as you’ll see from the photos the prints are also beautiful, original and different which makes them stand out from the crowd. I really believe that OTT’s designs are the perfect mix of Eastern style with the colours and cuts but can also be Western with their laid back styles. OTT says “I try to Westernize the Eastern Pieces and Easternize the Western pieces.

As January and I began to play dress up and touch the clothes the only thing you could hear was two girls totally coo-ing over clothes “oh Jan feel this, Oh Jan, see how this falls” “Sophia try this, look how beautiful this one is, I wish we could wear clothes like this more often” And so it went on, OTT definitely is true to the Gulf Style of opulence but January and I both said how fab these pieces would be for holiday clothes to Ibiza, Latin American, Thailand or; see we were just looking for excuses ….. basically where them anywhere. I suggested I would wear OTT kaftan’s at home when I had people for dinner (look out for an invitation soon)!


Umm Kalthoum2968_507828409282143_138411159_n178898_445983505466634_644081767_n

The emphasis is really on the fabrics for OTT, when the accessories were pulled out such as the bag and scarfs seen above we fell head over heels. The bag is a bag in a bag, so you can use the clutch by itself or the bag without the clutch. My immediate reaction was, “I could use this here but I could then have this scarf with my leather jacket in Amsterdam” These are perfect pieces for me, when I m living between two places.

OTT is inspired by their travels and the world around them. Last year they travelled to Mexico and were inspired by the Latin colours and fringing. Therefore, the previous collection featured images of Frida Kahlo and what an amazing look that was (see pics above). This year they were influenced by the Arab Spring and freedom so the collection features images of the Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum and Soad Hosny as well as flowers and of course colour. The collections tell stories and this makes their customer know they will have these pieces in their wardrobes for many years to come and whilst they are relevant now they will also be pieces you have truly invested in.

Now OTT is reaching a bigger fan base by producing beautiful phone cases and Ipad covers which are price sensitive and  are not the same as the clothes. This constant evolving of the products and the markets they reach is what is helping OTT to stay successful year after year.

Do you love to wear colour or are you afraid of colour?

Ciao for now xx

P.S I found OTT at B51 but you can also buy it from Bloomingdales Dubai and S*uce

P.P.S look out for the exclusive Sojustnice photo shoot for OTT

Wednesday was the much anticipated opening party of S*ucegifts at Al Wasl Square, Dubai. The store is a big white space that allows the colour of all the items to just pop and trust me when I say every corner of the store is just eyecandy! On offer is beautifully designed chairs by Zayan to kids kitsch t-shirts, lamps, tables and beautiful art pieces too. All the items are a mix of East and West with lots of cross over so the items can be perfect for Dubai or great gifts for friends back home. If you live in Dubai or are just visiting you must pop by this store. On top of all this they have a fabulous Gift Machine which is like a gift ATM and is the first in the region. See the pictures below for a taste of the gorgeous BoutiqueIMG_0008S*ucegifts shines bright on Al Wasl Square and in the store you can see the gift machine which is perfect for a last minute gift run (unorganised boyfriends and husbands take note).

SauceGiftsBeautiful people and beautiful items. The boutique was filled with people all swooning over the gorgeous items, I like the “Bathroom Guest Book” I think this would make for some interesting messages and far more entertaining than the usual Magazines.

IMG_5038These tables were just stunning and will be featured in my new place when I find it and the trays are the perfect house warming gifts

IMG_5040My favourite item above, the neon glow definitely had me falling in love.

Are you good at buying gifts or are you like me, always making the last minute dash?

To see more of what S*uce as to offer and find their location please visit their website.

Ciao for now xx